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♔ Double Combo: Wishing Upon A Star

The night was nearing to an end and Jiyong still haven’t seen his favorite hyung. Was it really just 10 hours ago when they were together doing the concert last night? Felt like it had been awhile and he misses the older guy, he admits to himself. Putting on his glass, the huge black frame, covering the majority of his face, he walked around the hotel floor, the boys were sharing, in hopes of “accidentally” bumping the older guy.

His eyes scanning the hall for any signs of life, he sighed to himself and decides to walk up to a door, a door with a number reading 1507 with a sign hanging on his door knob “Do Not Disturb”. Yes, this is the room of his hyung. He wants to knock onto his door but the younger hesitates upon seeing the sign. Shaking his head, he moves from the spot he’s been standing, getting ready to leave but was stopped..

After standing there for god knows how many minutes or maybe even an hour, a small sound finally breaks the silence of the hall. With a small squeak, the door opened, and out walked Seunghyun, his favorite hyung, the guy he’s been wanting to see.