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♔ Double Combo: Making Magic

Right after having their afternoon snack, Ji was hanging out with Bae in his room, playing a new video game the manager hyung bought for them. Ji lost again, for the 3rd time.. how and when will he ever win against Bae? Ji pouts like a whining child, throwing his console over the bed before facing Bae "That’s it, I give up! You’re no fun to play with!" Bae was surprised by the sudden outburst of Ji "Yah! You were the one who asked me to play with you and now you’re telling me I’m no fun?" But in honesty, Ji was just finding a way to quit playing the game, he had a plan that night and just didn’t want to tell his best friend. "Aish, I just don’t want to play anymore!" He left Bae alone before he can say anything else, heading to his closet room.

But for all he knows, Bae knows his plan that night because he saw him earlier, talking with Seungri. His memory did a flashback earlier that morning where he was creeping on the two conversing.

Ri: Hyung, I saw Ji hyung last night, he bought tons of clothes again.

Bae: Really? Is there any girl he’s been hanging around again?

Ri: I don’t think so. He’s always hanging out with Seunghyun hyung these days.

Bae: That’s weird. Ji only buy lots of new clothes if he’s going out on a date and he’s panicking, not knowing what to wear to make him look good. 

Ri: Whoever that girl is, she sure is lucky to have hyung working so hard and worrying like that. It’s my first time seeing him like that.

Bae: I agree. My man is not the type of guy who’d put out all his effort for a girl, except when she’s really special. He’s the type who’d rather stay at the studio than go flirting with girls.

Ji’s flashback was interrupted when he found himself giggling like silly, smacking his head lightly for being such a dork and tried focusing on choosing for what to wear.. for his date. Yes, what Bae and Ri were talking about were true.. but it’s not with a girl, it’s with his hyung, and that’s what made him giggle some more. Trying to shake the thought out of his head, he chooses to wear a black low cut V neck top,   along with his ripped jeans and finishing it off with a denim jacket. He checks himself out in the huge mirror across the room, smiling proudly. He wanted to look good but not too good, he doesn’t want the reporters catching up and making rumors about him again. And it was a success. Before leaving the closet room, he grabbed his red fedora, wearing it on his head, running his fingers on the tip of it.

As he goes out of the closet room, Bae was waiting for him, blinking with mouth hanging open. “What? Is it your first time seeing a man this good looking?” He smirked, nudging the other. “Mang, no offence. But I’ve seen myself already okay? You heading out on a date?” Ji purses his lips, trying to decide if he should let Bae in his secret and decides to tell him since he’s his best friend and he knows he’ll shut his mouth and not blabber about it, unlike Seungri. "Ah yes, I am. With.." he grinned sheepishly, looking down before adding quietly "With Seunghyun hyung" Bae was shocked and said "You guys are a couple already?" Ji was surprised too, "No, I mean, Yes. I mean.." Ji kept stuttering "It’s not official yet since we have commitments to other people but we’re just dating." Bae was staring directly at him in disbelief. Ji avoided his eyes, looking at the clock. "Oh look, it’s getting late. I need to leave now man, I’ll explain later." Before heading to the door, Ji told Bae "Hyung is awesome and I like him." he  felt relieved, being able to finally tell someone how he really felt.